Campaign Manager

Splash Business Intelligence

Campaign Management/Research Management:

1. Should have a basic understanding of Salesforce and how campaigns in Salesforce work
2. Understand how our Salesforce environment work and why data going into Salesforce should be accurate.
3. Important to know how to run reports to fetch the right set of contacts for each campaign
4. Coordinate requirement of contacts for each event ( webinar, tradeshow) from the Marketing Manager and Pillar heads.
5. Constantly Coordinate with team members who send out the actual sends. Provide them the export of the contacts for each campaign. Explain and work with them in planning best way to send, where to include / exclude contacts
6. Work with team members who sync campaigns results into Salesforce from Email Platforms, Research Work.
7. Understanding of the personas and titles for our target audience / pillars
8. Should be able to manage Research Team, guide them and supervise their work
9. Show innovative of getting new accurate leads into the system and showing RT’s work.


Desired candidate profile:


-Must have Managerial experience with Research team

-Must have done segmentation and audience set up in Excel

-Must be an expert in Salesforce CRM (functional)

-Must have email marketing, campaign management experience

-Must have used any one of the following tools:

Octopus/ MailChimp/ Marketo

-Must have Lead generation experience

-Must have people’s management

-Must have experience in segmentation of audience

-Must be able to bring in new contacts

-Must be able to work on US UK markets.

-Must be enthusiastic having strong passion towards the above-mentioned roles.

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